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been an adventure and an education for me, so i keep going. i didn't know "the exorcist" would be a hit movie or "the french connection." i don't think it had much to do with me. you could cite a lot of reasons, but at the time there were no reasons. every studio passed on these films. many of them passed twice. how do you process when you get to this point in your life and you see you have done , how dot is now iconic you keep from sticking your chest out just a little bit? >> you know the great helosopher mike tyson said knocked somebody out in the first round. interviewed byas howard cosell, and after the fight, he said, what did you think of his plan to stay away from you, to keep shuffling away and occasionally try to jab you? how did you feel about the plan? tyson said, everybody got a plan until he get hit in the face. don't got a plan. that is my philosophy. that's the way it is. i had a plan to have everyone of my films be a colossal success, until i got hit in the face. then you pick up, try again, maybe fail again, but fail better. tavis: i am listening to you trying to figur
and in colorado voters will decide whether to raise state income taxes to boost education funding and also whether to tax recreational marijuana. joining us now to talk about these measures are megan verlee of colorado public radio and enrique cerna of kcts in seattle. welcome to you both. enrique cerna, let's talk about this again et ceteraically modified food initiative. this is about labeling, is that what it is? >> yes, it is. it is initiative 522. it would require the labeling of genetically modified foods on to products. what is interesting about this is that there's a lot of controversy over what is exempt and not exempt. and that's one of the things that the opponents of the initiative point out. and they say that they claim that it's a poorly written initiative. and that some items, some dairy products, some meat products, others would not be, would not apply to this. others would. so they think that this is going to add a lot of confusion. they also are against this because they feel that it is going to cost the consumer more money, whatever labeling that has to be done. would be sent do
on the problems we have in the country right now, rebuilding the middle class, reform our education system, making sure that our health reform system works, and works well. these are the most important things to be focusing on right now, not the 2016 campaign. >> well, you are chairman of health education, labor and pensions committee and will hold the first senate hearing on obama care tomorrow. the thing we keep hearing over and over again, we heard it on the sunday shows and heard it this morning is why did the president say if you like your health care plan, you can keep it. the associated press is reporting three and a half million people have gotten cancellation notices. what do you make of all this, senator? >> what i mean of all of this is we're missing the big picture. yes, we had problems with the rollout, that's inexcusable, but they're being fixed. but let's keep the big picture in mind. we have millions of children today, up to 17 million children with pre-existing conditions who are covered for the first time ever. we have seniors getting free preventive services, never got it before
basics of drawing and handicraft. the committee organises exhibitions and educational centres for children who enjoy taking part and click to draw. we were shocked to discover how much the children have been effected by the war in syria. for example, a lot of the kids will draw pictures of cemeteries with the names of their loved ones on the tombstones. they have made boxes for detainees in which the children put bread. they have been shown ways of making bread, cracking firewood and how to wash things. >> we haven't had electricity for 15 months. we do the activities manually - like weaving wool, for example. women use wool to knit sweaters and hats which they swell to make a living, keeping in mind that because of the government siege wool is not allowed in any more. we organised a first aid workshop. every house needs someone trained in basic medical care. no one knows when their house will be shelled. we'll continue our efforts and work until our last breath to provide support and help our people. i'm convinced god will bless those who have mercy on earth. >> a bus caught
, but more proud of title 9, 1973, this country came to make sure of equality for women in education and that includes sports. and the result is women in athletics that are amazing and entertaining. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. mr. ellison: i congratulate them. thank you. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. for what purpose does the gentleman from michigan seek wreck his? -- seek recognition? the gentleman is recognized for one minute. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i rise today to say thank you to a friend of mine, mayor james r. bobbing, who has dedicated 45 years of service to the city of granville in the second district. in the last 29 he he served as mayor. mayor bobbing has been recognized countless times for his leadership and commitment to west michigan. most recently he received the michigan municipal league michael a. guideo leadership and public leadership service award. in addition he serves as the chairman of the grandville council which plays a leading role in fostering public and private cooperation to enhance quality of
they are still a child. and these should somebody in school and should be well educated and not going to the house. you are pushing for the banning of child marriages to be included in the amendment of the constitution. why is it important to do that? why not make it a legislation? >> that is very important. i have been for more than taken years before being a minister in the committee. and that was our mone pain conc. main concern. our mandate is to for women advancement. and one of the women a advantagesment in the country or make any development for women girls especially in the area did not get a chance to go to the school or if they started schooling. >> the question is why include it into the constitution? >> the social rights of women and the social rights of children and you know that yemen is a party to many conventions one of the conventions is the child convention. and we are convention to eliminate all sorts of abuse against wind. wind -- women. it will not be in the princple of the constitution. it will be. >> i do need to get in very quickly, there is a lot of objection
species facing extinction. some of the reduced me to educate people to tame. i heard people talk. if only i come away with only five minus one lead when they greet me. so i think for us we need to continue with your unique in the whole war the cia is one don't miss everyone so everyone we have the power to change when the league stops the killing will stop to progress had been impressive but the campaign will continue to reach the cctv eighteen. the report their inept campaign has been a very successful. that brings to a pleasant suprise cult sci fi tv news bad news now for the light is whether by the time has come along and tell them it down tight however the boy to die the line. the company kind of liking that idea the us. i don't like let me an american talk about an hour. how women are powerful. if you empower women year empowering birth mothers of raising sons who were either drag us into war but deep inside of our mothers are the ones who are protecting their daughters mothers grind and noticed blood and therefore not empowering women were not any chains this forty to fifty percent
of the code. but there is an instance of a young man, educated, standford kid who has been around the football environment and this was pushing him to a degree with which he was no longer comfortable. >> jeff: does jonathan martin ever put on a dolphins uniform again. >> talking to people he has con sided-- confided in i don't believe it will happen any time soon unless they take some corrective measures to alter the climate of that locker room and discipline some of the people who he thinks was involved, i don't see thatting chag am we can have a grievance coming with the nfl pa, maybe some legal action down the road. >> jeff: jason la canfora, thank you. >> next up here how skydivers survived a collision you thoughs of feet in the air. >> jeff: two plane kos lieded in midair yesterday, 12,000 feet over northern wisconsin. there were four skydivers aboard one plane, five in a second when they hit. what happened then is remarkable. here's elaine quijano. >> reporter: pieces are all that's left of this cessna 182 after it collided midair with another cessna that was supposed to be flying behind
know lots of people in memphis who with well educated and they cannot get a job. there are real problems in the economy in this country and the people that are on food stamps need that to get along, about half the people as you mentioned have jobs. i think half the people have children. what are the children supposed to get a job? are we going to have kids work again? get rid of the child labor laws and put them to work? i think you want to start cutting away at areas, you cut the defense spending. we have enough missiles to destroy the world so many times, and yet we couldn't cut money for missile and nuclear programs. that's where we ought to be cutting. beat your swords into plow sheers to feed the people. >> all right. congressman we really appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> we're going to continue discussing this topic with the senior manager of share our strength, the hunger advocacy group, and the founder of the website future of capitolism. thank you both for being with us. let's talk about the growth of the program ira, i want to start with you. the food stamp budge
or healthcare or education they hive iforthe time they live in s they lose skills. >> we have o orphan sunday. we visited one church that participated in today's orphan sunday activity. christina how was it today? >> well, johnathan, church organizers told me that if every family in every church in the u.s. adopted one child this would be no need for orphanages. she faithfully attend weekly service at her church in florida. on orphan sunday she shared her personal journey of adopting two children while driving in brazil. now as the coordinator of orphan ministries for her church, she encourages others to do the same. >> we get thinking what might have happened with the other kid that don't have the same situation as our children that are adopted now. >> she says that as many as 145 million children around the world have lost both of their parents. >> we bring awareness also for everybody that they need to be adopted not only to be helped, but actually the main help we can do is to adopt them. >> her church also assists with fog aswith foster children in that. >> to raise funds for his house a
and attend high-ranking think tanks to get more professional education. the u.s. looks to egypt to help maintain security, particularly between the border with israel, with whom egypt has a peace treaty and the u.s. also looks to egypt to try to make certain that insurgent groups don't find a toehold particularly in the sinai peninsula. but this is really a case of the u.s. trying to be practicigmati right now because egypt, for many, many decades as had an out-sized amount of influence in regional politics. the u.s. sees that in its long-term interests, it's best to still be an ally of egypt rather than have some sort of political and diplomatic rupture. >> kerry making a visit to saudi arabia. how significant is that visit? >> reporter: well, when you consider that up until really in the past three months or so, the relationship between riyadh and washington was unquestionably a strong one, this is an important visit for kerry to make. the saudis have been very concerned that the obama administration simply hasn't done enough to try to bring the civil war in syria to an end, and they
in orphanages or group homes or on the street without caregivers or access to food, healthcare or education. for every three months they often lose one month of developmental skills. for the past five years the christian alliance for orphans have organize have organizationn sundays. it drew thousands to churches across the country today. we visited one church that participated in today's orphan sunday activities. >> church organizers told me that if one family in every church in the u.s. adopted one child this would be no need for orphanages. >> she faith fully attends church. on sunday she shared her personal journey of adopting two children while living in brazil. sheenens e encourages others toe same. >> we got thinking what might happen to the other kids that don't have the same situation that our children that are adopted now. >> she says that as many million children around the world have lost both of their parents. >> we bring awareness also for everybody that they need to be adopted. not only to be helped, but actually the main help we can do is to adopt them. >> her church also ass
and generals training here and attending high-level think tanks for professional education. it looks to egypt to maintain stability particularly across the border with israel with whom it has a peace treaty, and also so insurgent groups don't find a foot hole. >> egypt, for many decades had an outsized amount of influence in regional politics, and the u.s. sees that in long terms interests, it's best to be an ally of egypt, rather than have a political diplomat irk rupture. >> the visit to saudi arabia - how significant is that visit? . >> when you consider that up until really in the past three months or so the relationship between riad and washington was strong, this is an important visit for john kerry to make. the saudis have been concerned that the obama administration has not done enough to bring the civil war in syria to an end. they have made their displeasure known, one by not taking one of the permanent seats on the security council, and deciding to not take part in certain diplomatic and military operations with the u.s. where these things would normally happen. this is a chance fo
, and the council on foreign relations working on a range of economics and education issues. he is the co-author of a book on girls education and an author of the pro-growth progressive and economic strategy for shared prosperity. gene graduated from the university of minnesota and yale law school and attended wharton business school. is a native of ann arbor, michigan, and will be joining his them in california at the end of this year. when he finishes his remarks will move over here for two and a. thank you very much. gene? >> well, thank you very much for having us here today. i want to thank jim doyle very much, not just for today but for all the leadership of business forward, all the consultations, even the recent meeting with your small business advisory committee as we went into this recent round of budget discussions. so again, i really want to thank you and business forward for the leadership that you've shown, and the desire to look beyond your own particular situation to the larger economic issue that we face as a country, and understanding that that affects all of us. so agai
on a sweeping education overhall and are being asked to pass $1 billion tax increase to boost school funding and the idea is controversial and it's strict. raise per pupil spending hurt by falling revenues. president obama was on the campaign trial not for himself but a fellow democratic and terry is running for governor in virginia and he shared the stage saturday in arlington and he tried to link the opponent to the government shut down. >> we have seen an extreme faction of the republican party that is shown again and again and again that they are willing to hijack the entire party and the country and the economy and grant progress to an absolute halt if they don't get 100% of what they want. >> reporter: he is leading in the polls, there is a governor race in new jersey where they will decide to reelect chris christie. romney is slamming president obama over the affordable care act and on nbc he is unhappy with the similar law that romney signed when he was governor of massachusetts. >> in massachusetts we phased in the requirements so that there was a slow roll out, that way you could
.com to connect with a patient advocate from abbvie for one-to-one support and education. nothing says, "you're my #1 copilot," like a milk-bone biscuit. ♪ say it with milk-bone. why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away, if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. >>> this could have been a disaster. i mean, under any other circumstances, it would have been a disaster, but 11 people, two pilots, nine passengers here, survived a midair collision at 12,000 feet. one of the pilots landed his damaged airplane, but the rest took parachutes. they pulled the chute, that included the pilot of plane number
. we have mitigated disputes across iraq. we also put a foundation of civic education, human rights, and religious moderation for the institutions of education. ip and its partners are proud of the progress we have made. we also recognize a lot remains to be done in iraq, and we see from the unfortunate tragic violence that has still cost many lives the road ahead will not be easy. you excellency, we assure and the iraqi people that as iraq prepare for the 2014 elections and faces challenges to a secure better future for the people, iraq and kept on the support of the u.s. institute for peace for a partner on all levels, starting with the community, two local councils, to international dialogue. thank you. ask theld like to ambassador to come forward. the format today will be an introduction -- come here. it will be an introduction of the prime minister i the ambassador, and in the prime minister will speak. and then sit and take questions. the audience already knows this. if you have questions, perhaps you have already written them out, we will not have time for a great number of q
, but education programs to ensure they don't end up here in the first place. >> here to help us understand what we can do to protect ourselves is a doctor, an assistant professor of neurology. thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. >> why are so many young people suffering strokes >>. >> it's a great question. there's not been a lot of studies designed to answer that question. probably some need to be done. but it's most likely a combination of factors. the first is the surprising incidence of risk factors - such as smoking, people are getting diabetes, obesity, and then the other thing is we are getting better at detecting strokes. technology, mri scanning, and we can pick up more strokes than we used to. >> you mentioned detecting strokes. how can one tell. i understand there's a fast method. >> that is a fantastic question. because strokes can have variable symptoms, it's important that we get out the word on how to tell you are having a stroke. there's a push to educate the government about doing a fast screen. that's the numonic, it's fast. the f stands for face. you look for asymmetry
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shared- the search for peace and justice, tolerance, the value of education in itself- and to learn some of each others' sources- a text study on these things. and we did that for a year, with five different meetings, and now we're publishing a book on that subject- common values, different sources- and it was kind of amazing to see how much we in fact did have in common. some of the people who've never been involved in this kind of dialogue before said that it seemed we were stealing eaeach others' texts, because they weren't aware of influence during the ages of other peoples' text. but that kind of thing, when you look at some core values that the three faiths share was very instructive to a number of a people. >> [speaking in islamic] >> [translated] we treat our brothers, the christians, as one society. >> [speaking in islamic] in this holy city of nazareth. >> [speaking in islamic] >> since trying to- because we were born here. >> [speaking in islamic] >> we live together as neighbors, as brothers, in both sad events and happy events. >> [speaking in islamic] >> and we believe that
would probably go abroad were you can get free education, free medical benefits, and not worry about the racial issues. host: if it is free, who pays for it to? caller: not sure who pays for the listening to your program and listening to other countries , i would less stressed at least give them an opportunity. you mean denmark, right -- right?er: caller: denmark. host: monti has this point -- you can call in to join the conversation -- do you feel you have the opportunity to get ahead in america ayako from michigan, jessica is up next. good morning. -- in america? from michigan, jessica is up next. good morning. caller: it is hard to get ahead in america when asians are taking our jobs here and taking our jobs overseas. the media believes we need a bunch of schooling to get ahead. i think that is wrong. host: thank you for the call. looking at the comparison of the chart we showed you from 1952 -- james is next from grand forks, north to code up. you say you do not have the opportunity to get ahead in this country, why? i have to say no i have to say that is where i come from. , c-s
education. for annie it meant moves from a tiny village to one of the world's biggest cities. >> translator: i'm not leaving mexico until i fine out what happened to my son. >> reporter: alone in a foreign land she carries on in the hope she'll have an answer soon. >>> for the first time the u.s. secretary of state has publicly admitted the national security agency may have overstepped the mark. >> in some cases i acknowledge to you, as does the president some of these actions have reached too far, and we're going to make sure that that is not going to happen in the future. >> simon we heard a very contrite john kerry, but are these just words or will they be followed up by action? >> well, it's not clear, because although it was very interesting in dimension and john kerry becomes the most senior administration official to admit that perhaps they went too far, and the surveillance was perhaps inappropriate. i don't think it went as far to a lay out any kind of apology. as we heard the majority of this answer was this intervention that he gave, in a sense was a justification for this huge s
receiving state services including health care and public education. and it was political gold, proposition 187 passed, and pete wilson came from behind to win by double digits. it was also, for wilson and california republicans, the beginning of the end. california was a changing state, in the midst of a demographic overhaul. california of 1994 was barely one quarter latino, today that number is around 40%, back then fewer than 10% of the state was asian-american. today it is nearly 15%. 27% of the state's residents are foreign born. california is now one of the only states in america where whites do not make up a majority of the population. and for that rising population, that new california majority, that was their introduction to the republican party. because the template that california republicans created in 1994 was so successful, it was adopted by republicans every where the message that that new california majority received in 1994 has been continually reinforced by republicans across the country for the two decades since. and that wasn't the only consequence of 1994 for california
problem when i'm on my own healthnet work and looking to see the education until you see them you don't know them. say you meet them and see hospital don't feel good about it. what happens then? do you lose the travel money? how dot financials work? >> okay, if you paid for your own flight, then, yeah, i mean you've had sort of two-day vacation i guess or whatever. i mean it is not much different than if you looked in the yellow pages and went to md anderson or local corner hospital either way. if you get there, you don't like the physician for whatever reason. now keep in mind you've had a lot of transactions before you get to there. a lot of doctors when they respond to a bid they will say, okay, before, before we go through this, maybe we should have a phone call or talk on skype or something like that. melissa: yeah. >> so usually by the time you get there you've actually kind of met the person, sort of online. melissa: how does insurance play into this? a couple of articles reading about this, in some cases your insurance company will pay for to you fly to another place if it is
: in face-to-face debates. >> saying the words education and research, that's all great, but those are goals, those are platitudes, they're not plans. >> reporter: and on the campaign trail with the candidates pulling no punches. >> if you like d.c. politics, you'll love terry mcauliffe. if you like detroit finances, you'll love terry mcauliffe. >> ken's new campaign slogan is "fighting for virginia." but after campaigning with ted cruz its pretty clear that its just that. a slogan. >> reporter: stephen farnsworth is a professor of political science at the university of mary washington. >> from day one it was all about how the other side was unfit to govern. and in some ways what's happening, i think, is that voters, at least some of them, are starting to agree with both campaigns. >> reporter: among them: andrea khoury. she traditionally votes republican, but says the negativity coming from both sides has left her undecided this year. >> i think they've been doing more attacking than actually what their platform is. and i think as a voter, i need to know what i'm voting for, not what i'm vo
to its bb was the real beast in charge of the education i meant to indicate that's a real problem and understand understand and some examples exist today mostly the kids to school. this intimate rule when you see the ob is no cellphone companies and in some industries and especially in a comically just when you understand that it's going to try to change her look in awe of our own interests and not in the interest of the citizens so i understand that it's a bad team each. even if it's no learnt that demand an end of the pond and discuss ways to the front of thousands in charge of this mystical way are in charge of the station will get back to of course is that salt to taste a bit stefan just tell us know what kind of seconds you are in bold them and how the school being persons works howdy you actually know what happens in these meetings with any peas in a tree the united email if it is we were both too sick to dubuque services and social economy. that was that we like to say is that it's the ndp members of the european parliament a very accessible and the icing was this is the is
or youth population in northern virginia, the college educated people around the pentagon, if you look at a state like virginia, it is one of the places, if we were having this conversation ten years ago, the fact that a democrat could have a success would be a surprise. virginia is a swing state in politics and at the state wide level. so the demographics of virginia are less. there are people talking kate, in ten years, texas will be a blue state. so it's one of the places you watch the shifting population, especially in a northern virginia suburb outside washington, d.c. have radically transformed state politics. that's what the president is talking about. president obama carried it twice. it had to go back to lynden johnson to get a president in presidential politics before the jimmy carter days when they were competitive. the big question has been is it a permanent change or is it going to be a swing state back and forth every four years? >> i also want to get your take, john, the president, meme will read this that the president has pend over the weekend in huffington post. it's
the world, it starts with education. >> i have 370 girls at the school. i have 74, 75 girls graduating every year. all of those girls go to college. >> reporter: all proceeds of the auction will be donated to the foundation. but college tuition for 74 girls can even be much for oprah. >> anyone who has ever put one through college, you know what i'm talking about. you know why i'm selling the sofas. [ laughter ] >> reporter: all of this comes shy of oprah's 60th birthday. she tells me the greatest gift would be support for her students in south africa. in santa barbara, news channel 3. >> oprah, $600,000 according to "los angeles times" netted at this auction. >> a "tv guide" cover photo of her expected to make $2,000 to $4,000 -- $200 to $400 sold for $3,000. >> classic. a teapot, a tea spot that oprah owned went for 1,000 bucks. >> it is worth less than 100. >> that is priceless. >> there you go. that would go for millions. >> is that a poster? i want her to sign it. >> that is a poster of you and the queen of talk. >> very influential this way. you didn't know this, the did you? >> half o
] and it looked to me like a -- [inaudible] commitment, education, the only problem was that president lincoln, with all due respect had to go through a civil war. 600,000 americans had to die in the process. -- [inaudible] you cannot do whatever it is in your country the majority -- you cannot do that. as saying without -- [inaudible] resistance. without trying to comprise. without treating them as your difficult partners rather than -- [inaudible] i think that -- [inaudible] is a reflection of this fundamental disconnect between the obama administration and the very -- [inaudible] of the american middle class. particularly the white people class which clearly feels there's a -- [inaudible] of obama redistribution. again i completely agree that is -- trying to do. because that was counter productive. and that was playing games with national press teeing. [inaudible] greater flexibility in the -- [inaudible] challenge with the -- [inaudible] with the electorial process. on another level you understand that the administration go whatever they can to -- [inaudible] try something else. this may b
for a department of education hearing on the colleges' status. >>> painted faces fill the mission district for the day of the dead procession. more than it a thousand people took part in the events. it includes art, music and thennial parade honoring loved ones it remains true to the latino roots. it has crossed cultural boundaries. >> it is not really halloween or carnival. >> it as celebration. i came back to town. this is always something in my neighborhood. >>> few blocks away. garfield square was filled to honor the dead. they were connecting this life to the next. >>> well, of pixar is celebrating a birthday today. >> to infinity and beyond. >> what one of the company's top producers say it is like working for the animation company. >>> mostly cool and clear. for some. still breezy. how much longer it will last for parts of the bay area and for the afternoon, coming up. er jack cheese, mushrooms, jalapeÑos, bacon, tomato and avocado. i call it, "the avocado da vinci". create your om'lart with denny's build your own omelette menu. . >>> after more than a decade, they have arrived in
partners have throughout atives the country to educate americans about cybersecurity. cyberspace today is linked into every aspect of our daily lives and efforts such as this are crucial to creating a safe, secure and resilient cyberenvironment. i hope my colleagues will join me in congratulating all who made cybersecurity awareness month a success. thank you and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from georgia seek recognition? >> i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute and to revise and extend. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. johnson: mr. speaker, i rise to recognize an everyday hero, a young constituent of mine who has set an example we would all do well to follow. mary patricia hecter, a 15-year-old from georgia refused to sit idly by while children across the nation died in playgrounds, while funerals outnumbered graduation ceremonies and where violence begot more violence. she had a campaign to combt youth gun violence, aptly named think twice. her campaign encourages youth to think
part and education and research. you have to know what you are putting in your body. i would have never it taken oxycontin or a higher drug. oxycodone is a much lower dose of an opiate and it is an opiate. that my immunee system is eating itself can it is attacking my body. it's not eating its own immune system. it is attacking my body inside. so soft tissue, tendons, the flesh are on your bound, even my eyeballs, everything is getting , which your burned immune system does because it sees it as a foreign entity. it does not recognize it as being part of itself, part of the human biological oddity that is supposed to be there. and it causes tremendous pain. for years, i tried all different before goingapies onto any pain medication which i did not want to take care the problem is that these therapies just do not help. for instance, the psychological help, you cannot trick your brain into thinking you don't have pain. i tried. [laughter] i did a lot of different things. wisconsin, democrats line. caller: i am concerned with my wife. she has been battling with cancer. she has leukemia and
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